st josephs preschoolSt. Joseph’s offers a safe and secure learning environment that is fully licensed to provide day care services in Fairfax County. We have currently modifying our rooms to make them more developmentally appropriate. There will be separate areas for Dramatic play, Literacy, Building blocks, Analytical skills, Art, and Small and Gross Motor skills. Religion is also offered. St. Joseph’s also boasts a large fenced-in playground with areas of play for all age groups. The Center is located on Falls Church’s popular W&OD bike trail and midday walks with small groups of children is always a great way to discover nature up close.

As early childhood educators, we know that children who are in a safe, supportive and child friendly environment learn better and show more interest in learning. That said, children also need structure and predictability. To this end, each teacher is required to have written curriculum plans based on knowledge of child development and assessment of individual needs and interests. Although activities vary day by day, the basic classroom schedule remains consistent. This allows parents and children to have a general idea of what is going to happen during the day.

The school is changing to a Hands On Creative curriculum with the Reggio Emilia approach in mind. The Reggio Emilia approach is child-directed and keeps children’s interests in mind while planning lessons. This approach, along with the Creative curriculum, allows children to be more involved with their learning and have the activities be more child directed. We respect and are constantly amazed at what children are capable of doing. The following areas are ones that will be addressed in our daily lessons.

  • Gross motor skills
  • Small motor skills
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Religious development
  • Analytical skills

flower puppets st josephs preschool st josephs preschool

For more information about St. Joseph’s Preschool click to learn about us, our curriculum, get directions and contact us.

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