The Center is open year-round, Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM.

The daily schedule may vary depending on weather, field trips, special activities or guest instructors.

A typical day at St. Joseph’s is as follows:

Morning Arrival: As children are arriving between 6:45 – 8:30 am they make simple choices in the room until all of their friends arrive.

AM Snack: Children have a snack together in their classroom (we work on manners, social conversation, and communication skills often during meals).

Greeting: The children sit together for Circle Time to do activities that their teacher has planned (say hello to each other, sing songs, talk about the events of that day/schedule, share a story, etc).

Choice Time/Learning Centers: The children make choices to work with specific materials in the room and/or work in small groups.

Gross Motor: We go outside to the playground for movement and exercise (weather permitting) for at least a half-hour in the morning and afternoon. If the weather is not cooperating then we move and exercise to music.

Lunch: Children eat lunch together in their classroom and practice serving themselves.

Rest: Rest time is from 12:30 – 2:30 pm for all classes. During this time children who do not rest are given quiet activities to do on their cot.

PM Snack: Children have a snack together in their classroom where they continue to work on manners, social conversation, and communication skills.

Studio: Each student has the opportunity to visit the studio at least once a week where he/she is offered open-ended materials to engage in creative exploration.

Music and Movement: We sing and dance together to explore rhythms, socialization, and to simply have fun.

Afternoon Circle Time: Specific activity for the children to target certain skills or content and review what they learned that day. This is also a time where students share stories and participate in show and tell.

Closing: The children gather with their class to end the day with small activities, reflection on the day, sing songs, dance, and/or read stories.

Related Services: We have a religion class that students attend every week which is taught by our religious and resource teacher. The class consists of stories and songs with further discussion around Holidays. There are opt-out options for those interested. We also work with different vendors who come in and run special activities with the children which include soccer, music & movement, and a computer class.

For more information or a tour of St. Joseph’s Preschool contact us.

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