St. Joseph’s Preschool – Hands-On Learning!

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St. Joseph’s preschool focuses on each child, helping meet their needs in the most developmentally appropriate environment possible.

The environment both inside and outside is equipped with materials young children require to grow not only academically but physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The staff at St. Joseph’s preschool have established a truly child-centered learning experience based on the belief that “hands-on learning and experience is the best way to teach.”

  • Tuition Assistance: It is the school’s mission to continue the legacy set forth by its founders and continue to provide affordable child care.
  • Parent Visits: St. Joseph’s has an open-door policy for parents whose children are at the school. Parent visits are encouraged.
  • Enrollment: Before enrollment, parents will be given a list of what a child needs to bring to school with them daily.
  • Curriculum: St. Joseph’s offers a safe and secure learning environment that is fully licensed to provide daycare services in the City of Falls Church.

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